Meet Mrs. Red




Mrs. Red is Winda PrasKrisna.

Age : forever 21

Currently lives in Bandung, Indonesia. A city that I declare as the coolest city ever!

I love RED and REDS, as in the color and the nickname for Liverpool FC.

I adore cats and kittens. Like they say, “time spent with cats is never wasted”.

Vintage and old school thingies are my favorites. Even though trends grow fast, I still believe that vintage never dies. Instead, they have evolved, blending with the dynamic energy of everything that existed today. The best era? I vote for 90s! Nothing beats alternative music, checkered flanel oversized shirt, and AnakMas (best full MSG snack ever found haha).

I tend to be a very talkative person, often blabbing about silly things or spontaneously bursting what’s on my mind at that time. Impulsive on many occasions, yet willing to spare some time to deeply thinking over some issues (whether it is trivial or not).

Munch a lot, I can be very very grumpy when hungry. I can be considered as omnivores, except for some gruesome dishes, like durian, jackfruit, pete, jengkol, and Manado-style porridge.

Being a mom of two boys, I have to be (always) ready for lots of action and adventures. Still trying to find my comfort pace in dealing with challenges. Seems that I stayed on the newbie level of motherhood, since there are tons of new things that come to my way every single day.

Now, I learn to share my thoughts and feelings through writings and other posts. I still learning to compose an interesting thing to read. Meanwhile, enjoy my mind and heart bubbles here.

Nice to meet you, fellas! 🙂

Feel free to contact (or stalk) me at :

Instagram : @iam_mrsred

My work as a freelance writer :


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