See You Again, My Dearest Family

Today, I make a big decision. I am resigning from my job as a teacher. Transforming myself, working mama to stay-at-home (maybe work-at-home) mama.

The reason is quite a cliche. I cannot bear myself, giving my sons to be raised by some strangers. No more.

My last experience with a house nanny was quite traumatizing. It almost cost me my (back then) baby inside the tummy. And my first son constantly declined to be near the “Mbak”, with anxiety and rage surrounding him. How’s that?

Other reason, I notice that I am not able to be super multitasking mom of two. I don’t want to fall sick anymore, exhausted of juggling between my busy work life and family life.

So, here I am, signing off from the school, after a full time teaching position since 2011.

Lots of ups and downs that I experienced. Happiness and sorrow. Problems and solutions. Lessons and memories. Here, I found a new family 🙂






Thank you my dearest colleagues. Wishing all of you a successful journey.
Pardon me for all my mistakes.
Best of luck, dears!
Miss you already 😦

Sayonara, see you later alligator!

#ODOPfor99days #day20

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