How’s Life in a Decade?


Hi kiddos!

It’s been a decade after those unforgettable moments at our lovely class. You are definitely not that cheeky primary 3 students anymore. All grown up and ready to enter the other side of the road called “adulthood”, I presume.

Having those teen-crisis? Life’s not treating you like you expected it should be? Well, no need to be angry with the world. Or to those older people who don’t seem to understand your true self, your real needs and wants. Actually, we don’t mean to bicker so much with you. 

Let me tell you a secret, being a teen is the most fun times in your entire life. You will got the chance to experience many interesting adventures, and guess what? As young peeps, you are allowed to make mistakes without the obligation to be guilty for the rest of your life. Why? Because we believe that you actually know where the destination is, but sometimes you just cannot decide what is the best ride you could use to get you there.  

Familiar with this let-me-give-you-a-tip attitude? Yeah, I’m still the same person attached in your memories. 

The one who likes to ask you to imagine about what kind of world that you will see in the future. The one who scold you when you are not being attentive. The one who listen to every story that you tell, despite the fact that some of them are not really happening (Yes, I knew that. I just don’t want to spoil your fun :D). 

The one who transformed to be a pro nurse; treating your bumps, scratches and wounds. The one who constantly trying to bring out the best of you. Although my body feels so tired and my voice is getting sore, because of that 8-hours straight teaching.

Let me keep your assorted expressions inside my gray cells. A cheerful hello in the morning. A grumpy face when I gave lots of Math exercises. Burst of laughter during lunchtime chats. All dark and gloomy when you are being left behind by your fellows.

It is an eternal bliss to be a piece of frosting in your cake of life, my dear children.

I will be writing a letter for the next ten years. I got these amazing pictures in my head. Of how you would meet up together and show that you have accomplished your mission. To be exactly what you wrote inside the “When I Grow Up” story. That is my ultimate time-capsule wishes.

Meanwhile, please put those words I used to utter. Treat people like you want to be treated. Do your best and let God do the rest. Smile and the world will smile with you. The three magic spells to bound you with happiness.

Our precious moments are never forgotten. And thanks to all of you, I get to learn the real meaning of being a mother 🙂

Kisses and hugs,
Your awesome P-3 teacher 


#ODOPfor99days #day15

This is a big decision. I’m gonna miss all of you. Yet, a new chapter awaits. Hopefully, we can meet again and sharing those fun moments together, again!


4 thoughts on “How’s Life in a Decade?

    • Waaa…terima kasih Mbak Nia!
      Tadi jalan-jalan juga ke blognya Mbak Nia, tulisannya juga bagus-bagus.
      Semoga bisa konsisten nulis, apalagi bisa menghibur n menginspirasi.
      Salam kenal! 🙂

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